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GDG Systems is one of the leading network and software development consulting companies in the Montreal and Ottawa region.

Our 14 years engineering expertize in electronics and computer science places us in the mainstream of the ever-changing world of development and technical know-how. Our knowledge of electronic, combined with expertise in software development, database and web integration makes us one of the rare company that can easily integrate low-level processing which high-level development architecture. Our experience also includes extensive knowledge of Network architecture.

GDG System also specializes in mobile platform, including but not limited to Apple iOS, Android and Blackberry OS in the form of native or Webkit based applications.

GDG System also have expertize in historical research and information management. We have expertise in project coordination, technical services and data reconciliation (including formulating customized software to facilitate reconciliation of several databases into a standardized format, scanning, digitization of records and web-based applications).