Order & Pricing

You must first download the demo version of KeyGO 2.2.
Second, get the key to unlock the release version of KeyGO 2.2.
This key can be obtained in the following ways:

Delivery over the NET

Secure On-Line (click here) via a Web order from Regnow (Accepts all major credit card).
Upon validation of your credit information, a key code will be sent to you by e-mail that will let you unlock the release version of KeyGO.

To validate your demo version of KeyGO. Load the KeyGO keyboard builder and go to the file pull-down menu, choose the Unlock key dialog box and enter the key that was provided to you in the text area, click OK.


We discount the "per copy" price of KeyGO based on the number of users or copies to be purchased. Our multi-copy discount for KeyGO runs as follows:

Price Per Copy
(in US Doller)
Single Copy
2 - 10 copies
20% discount
11 - 50 copies
30% discount
51 - 100 copies
40% discount
101 - 300 copies
50% discount
300 + copies
Please contact
Please contact

Copy right for the native keyboards generated by KeyGO:

You have the rights to generate and use as many native keyboard templates generated by KeyGO only on the machine on which KeyGO is installed. You need explicite rights from GDG Systems,inc. to distribute those keyboard drivers on different machines. A special program that will facilitate the distribution and installations of these drivers will be provided to you at no cost upon licensing.
Price Per Driver
(in US Doller)
100 drivers
$ 5.00
101 - 500 drivers
$ 3.50
501 - 1000 drivers
$ 2.00
Infinite use
$ 10,000.00

For more information on licensing keyboard drivers please send you request to: