KeyGo Updates
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All current users of KeyGO 2.x can update to version 2.2d for free by downloading the demo version and entering the serial number that was given to them as an unlock key.

If a serial number was not given to you, please e-mail your request to GDG Systems support if KeyGO was bought directly with us, or contact your distributor.

There is no update policy for the current KeyGO 1.x user.

Version 2.2d March 23, 2004

Fix some NT and XP inconsistencies for none-adminstrator accounts.

Version 2.2c

January 1, 2000 Addition of a 'Runtime Wizard' intended to facilitate the runtime installation and configuration of KeyGO.
Version 2.2b

December 12, 1999 Last minute update - December 12, 1999 - KeyGO 2.2b was recompiled with the static libraries of Microsoft, fixing a problem that some users experienced with an faulty MFC42.DLL file published a few month ago by Microsoft.
Version 2.2b

November 8, 1999 Last minute update - November 21, 1999 - An update of the installation program to fix a problem where you get an 'Error occurred during the move process:-113' during the installation of KeyGO.

Fix a bug where a trailing caharacter would appear at the end of a String assignment under WinWord 2000.
Version 2.2a

April 14, 1999 Fix a bug where the fonctions of the state key (Alt and Ctrl) to access menu and Windows shortcuts would be lost after using Multiple-level deadkeys and String assignments.
New with version 2.2

February 23, 1999 Last minute update

February 26, 1999 - An update to the installation program was made to fix a problem with some out-of-date MFC DLL's files that would report an ordinal problem with MFC42.DLL at the end of the installation process.

The keyboard template layouts are now in an user editable external file. The user can now create their own physical template layouts. Note: Since there is no program to generate the keyboard layout file, it should only be edited by advanced users. The name of the file is: 'KbdTmpl.cfg' located in the KeyGO install directory (i.e. c:\program files\GDGSystems\KeyGO 22\KbdTmpl.cfg). All the instructions to edit and create layouts are located within this file.

Fixes a 'General Protection Fault' bug that sometimes happened when exiting Windows.

Fixes a 'General Protection Fault' bug that happens when switching to another keyboard template in the KeyGO builder while a second level of deakeys is selected from the deadkey list on the active keyboard.

Some minor display changes.

Better registry cleaning when uninstalling KeyGO.